Mobile (SMS/MMS) Marketing

In this day and age of increased mobile connectivity, mobile marketing is an essential process of (online) marketing for businesses. Using a technical program that allows for the professional use of SMS/MMS Blast, we are able to generate additional publicity for your website design and business.

SMS/MMS Blast is a professional process used in traditional and online mobile marketing campaigns for businesses. It involves the mass sending of SMSes in waves (blasts) to various mobile phone users. Each SMS Blast usually sends up to thousands of SMSes each time. The use of SMS Blast allows companies to engage in effective online mobile marketing as it guarantees exposure to a wide demographic audience.

SMS/MMS Blast is a long, tedious and costly process if done manually by companies. However, we are equipped and confident of providing this additional mobile marketing service to boost your web designs / company’s publicity at an extremely affordable rate.

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