Print Graphics Design

Under the iCreationsLab Print Design Division, we offer a range of print design. These include the creative design of print collaterals such as business cards, stationery, postcards, flyers, greeting-cards, posters, corporate logos, magazines and free standing banners).

We also specialise in creative and effective brochure designs for publicity efforts as well as in yearbook design. Just like our affordable web designs, you can be assured of a fair price when engaging our print design.

Brochures / Flyers Design
Despite the surge in online marketing and mobile marketing, brochures and flyers are still an important and viable publicity tool to reach out to your demographic audience. A single well-designed brochure can be more effective in publicising your company than thousands of poorly-designed brochures that end up in the garbage bin.

Here at iCreationsLab, we pride ourselves on our ability to use innovative designs for your brochure that will capture your clients’ attention. We will also work closely with your company to ensure that the design of your brochure will effectively convey your message to your customers.

Magazines / Newsletters / Yearbooks
With our creative team, we are capable of designing yearbooks, magazines and newsletters that promise creativity on every page.

Business Cards
At iCreationsLab, we pride ourselves in creating innovative static designs, making your business card unique and memorable for your clients.

For more information on our print design for various print collaterals, email to or call us at 6269 9558 today! Our experienced sales representative will do our best to meet your needs.